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the worst part about the ending of rebellion story, besides the fact that they stripped madoka’s sacrifice of its meaning and turned homura into a controlling, abusive psycho lesbian trope (because don’t you know lesbians can never have healthy romantic feelings) is that there’s no apparent textual reason for why homura’s new universe is a bad thing.

witches will still continue to not exist??? and soul gems will still be purified????? and magical girls who died get to live in homura’s new world????


I already replied to this entry, but I’m reblogging it now for the sake of preserving my opinion on my own blog:

Homura stripped Madoka of her MEMORIES, her FREE WILL and altered her PERSONALITY and HISTORY. That’s PRETTY FUCKING BAD.

That’s not “love.” She doesn’t care at all about what Madoka wants, or even what’s in Madoka’s best interests. She’s a goddamn yandere who will mindfuck the object of her affection until said party is docile and willing to stay by her side.

Are you going to justify Homura’s brave new world when that is what it took to get it?

Did you only read the second paragraph and not the first????? I straight up said that Homura’s treatment of Madoka is abuse.

I’m not justifying that. What I’m complaining about is that Shaft didn’t establish any negative aspects of Homura’s world other than what she does to Madoka. I’m saying that the ending was terrible because of what they did to Homura’s character, what they made Homura do to Madoka, and also because they were too lazy to build any metatextual meaning into the narrative outside of making yet another lesbian into an abusive yandere and punishing Madoka for daring to become godlike and powerful.

It was lazy writing. It was lazy writing, and I hated that ending.

No, I read the entire post. I was trying to emphasize my point, but it seems it didn’t work. I agree it’s shitty, lazy writing and a desperate attempt to continue the canon, probably for no other reason other than  it making money hand over fist.

I also agree they fucked Homura over big-time, and I’m sick of the psycho lesbian trope too, especially AS a lesbian. My loathing of the ending is so strong that I refuse to consider anything after the end of the TV series canon. This is what I’m trying to hone in on, specifically:

"Shaft didn’t establish any negative aspects of Homura’s world other than what she does to Madoka.”

It might just be me (and I’m sure my continued anguish over Laura Palmer’s position in Twin Peaks—as she is the recipient of abuse from countless people, all of whom get to be happy in an idyllic “perfect” town while she suffers immensely in order for them to BE happy and they STILL claim they “love” her—is playing a big role here), but I think that’s more than enough reason for Homura’s ‘new world’ to be classed as completely negative, even if all the newly-revived magical girls get to live again without the shadow of witches over their lives. Yeah, it is “WOW WHAT A BAD”

tl;dr: I’m walking away from Omelas on this one.

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though it could be interpreted that telling diane to buy or send him things could just be reminders for himself to get or send for later. many people do this like suburban moms with the little keychain recorder, 'buy eggs, milk'.