Greetings, my name is Amanda. I'm a 26 year old chick from Massachusetts who leans a bit to the left of liberalism. I've got my share of fandom obsessions, and at the moment, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, Twin Peaks, Psych, and Insidious are at the top of that list. I like the color pink, cute and fuzzy things, everything and anything medical and forensic, good horror, fiction that's packed full of mindfucks, and sexy, kind, intelligent older ladies (cougars = ♥).

X-Phile, Lostie, Peaker, Fannibal, Psych-o.

I am an unapologetic stan for the following fictional ladies: Laura Palmer, Amanda Young, Jill Tuck, Libby Smith, Yasuda Sayo, Mr. Yang, Dana Scully, Himemiya Anthy, Janet Weiss, and Allison Reynolds.


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PRIDE Feminist Atheist

- Length: 14 1⁄4 inches -
- Wood: Chestnut -
- Core: Dragon Heartstring -
- Flexibility: Hard -




wow first of all how do you even touch a bird

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Baby mice update! They’re old enough to groom.  Their coats have all grown in, a beautiful satin blue. Although if you ask me, it looks more like silver. That’s why we’ve decided to name them after silverware.

There’s Spoon, the blue and tan (which means he has a white underbelly). Shortly after he was born, his mom dumped him outside the nest and he was cold and not breathing.  Ash tried a last minute rescue by heating him in her palm and breathing warmth on him, and he started breathing again! We put him back in front of the nest and his mom took him back in.  Clearly he’s doing a lot better now. <3

He has a brother named Knife, and their sister, Fork.  Or as I’ve nicknamed her, Forkanna. =P

Since I took these photos and gifs, their eyes and ears have fully opened, so they are no longer blind and deaf.  I’ll be posting more updates on them soon!